Spy saping mah nuke

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My second video using Garry's Mod, also, my second one that I didn't use the crappy Movie Maker from Microsoft. I got some inspiration from DasBoSchitt and fncypnts' videos. They are professionals in Garry's mod movie making. Comparing myself with them it's like to compare a child to an adult, but in gmod movies, who cares? XD I mean, I've seen movies like "Toast!", and it was made clearly with screenshots! No captured live recording from the game. But still a pro's work! If the video's not funny for you, rate five stars for the evolving in using those tools (Gmod, Sony Vegas, Fraps a.k.a. Framerate Killer). Thanks for reading the description. Oh, before I forget... Music: Team Fortress 2 Main theme.
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