Hd 5850 Vs Gtx 280

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Queria q fosse meu PC kk ATI vs Nvidia :) Resident Evil 5 benchmark 1920x1200 maxed out dx10 Got this card cus for xmas im gonna be running eyefinity :D Was surprised by how much the 5850 thrashed the 280, the 280 costing 450 new and the 5850 250 :P good buy! might get another next year. Thermaltake armor liquid cooling system case custom painted custom watercooling Evga X58 motherboard corsair Dominator 6GB @ 1600MHZ (OCed) Intel core I7 [email protected] (Oced) (watercooled) ATI 5850 Ethermax Galexy 850 Watt PSU 3* 250GB wd hdds 1tb wd HDD OCZ 30GB SSD
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