Gran turismo 5

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Replay of Sébasten Loeb in his 2008 C4 WRC on Tokyo R246. Some details : wires on the body and that big "thing" behind his helmet. No possible mistake, it really is the dude. He is wearing his official Sabelt suit. His eyes are actually following trajectory and are even blinking. Subtle head movements. But his face stay still, so no facial emotions (yet ?). Note : first time we see gloves that aren't from Sparco. So sponsors, names and faces of WRC drivers will feature in GT5. It doesn't imply all drivers, like Super GT or D1GP drivers, will have their faces or names in GT5. So The Stig, if his presence is confirmed ingame, might wear is actual helmet, gloves and combi. Since is suit is the Stig trademark, a Stig with Arai helmet and Sparco combi wouldn't be very convincing. Note that AI cars had no incar views at all during replays. This view was only available for the player's car and there were only two camera angles in this replay. Video recorded from 1080i Bravia screen, in [email protected] with a Panasonic TZ7. No custom soundtrack in this demo. Background noise recorded by the camera was quite annoying, so I switched to an other track using Youtube's audioswap function. You still can turn off sound. This video does not display or confirm head tracking ; just some cool head and body movements. This demo isn't related to "GT5 Demo Collection". It doesn't differ from 2010 Las Vegas CES demo. I have no clue on what "GT5 Demo Collection" actually is. Graphics dont seems to have improved since Cologne and there are still minor bugs. I think we can expect some improvements for final release.
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