Gta Iv To Gta Sa Mod

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Hi,Here is the Video with the second Update from this soon to be released Map :P Its called GTA IV to GTA SA Till now this features got the mod; -Full prelightned Interiors -Everything else prelightned as if there was a real sun and it does shadows on the roads/floor, and when the night comes the shadows continue but darker and lightned areas are little softned so its like MoonLight too :P -Niko has its Voice from GTA IV(it shouts when you crash your car,when a ped attacks you,pain shouts,when you are on fire he shouts too,when he gets busted he got shouts to the police too,when someone hits him with a car too, almost everything even answers to peds,police,hot dogs dealers,drugs, etc) -Feet sounds(every feet sound is replaced, we putted the standard sound as realistic as possible, GTA SA doesnt have diferent matterials on shoes engine so it cant sound different when you wear rubber boots or Perseus shoes, so then the sound Niko does on standard floor(near everything that has to be with concrete)you will hear a sound that is neutral feet sound so is realistic,grass feet sounds changed,wood floor feet sound changed(so when you enter to romans appartment,PlayBoy X or any other with wood floor it will sound damn realistic)Mud feet sounds,Leaves feet sound and finally weet surface sound too) -Animations damn near to GTA IV with new Animation engine(you wont get anymore slow reproduced anims, they are even faster and controlled depending on how fast was the car or the plane you left) -No alpha Bugs(every alpha piece is a separated Object so it can get applied a Special Flag so it gets a perfect transparency(Thanks to Jost_Vice for the Flag Code) -Sleeping and sit down Script!Yeh you can go sleep on Romans,or any bed in any safehouse to save your Game! -Cloth Shops no more with that Ugly red Marker!You get near to clothes and you click a button and the animation to that piece of cloth gets reproduced and you can see how the cloth fits on you! -Col Materials:Wood doors,metal doors,hard wood doors,fked Concrete Doors,new concrete doors, etc -All and every single Interior is Dynamic!with its own dynamic Door -The Hotdogs dealers Got the new and awsome GTA IV HotDog Car(They are Dynamic!if you smash em with you car it will move and the dealer will be sometimes agressive or will run like coward -Breakable Lamps(with its own emissive 2D light Effect) -Brooklyn Bridge with Light effects Features comming: -Full fixed Car and peds Paths -You will can save your used car inside the "Exclusive Clients" Space out of every savehouse -New Weapon damage Values Thanks for all the support from you People and hope you really enjoy the Video Note:Dont ask for download Link, its not released!and dont try to re-upload the Video, 2 guys already did it and i reported them for re-uploading Not Authorized Videos and they got the Video Deleted from their Accounts :P Hope you are an honest ppl and when we release it dont start to steal it saying is yours, we are really spending alot of time with it and adding it alot of stuff to be a great Map :P Thanks,HeroBioYui a.k.a Vans123/Lostedx
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