God of War III Trailer 2010 *Read Description First*

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*WARNING* This is a trailer that i made myself with footage from the latest Gametrailers GTTV episode about God of War III so, if you do not wish to be spoiled, do not watch the video, for it contains imagery some may consider spoilers. This was a trailer i made myself with some God of War Footage with previous trailers footage and the GTTV GoWIII special episode footage. I enjoyed doing it very much and would like to know your opinion about it, so please, comment and rate at your own will ;). If you like the God of War series and would like to know more, you can visit my favorite website: "www.gow3forums.com" in which i am known as the user supacrazyman. Once more - Edited by me Music - Priory of Sion - audiomachine_ Terminus album-1 Audio rights belong to Sony and Sony Santa Monica and Audiomachine. Video rights belong to Sony and Sony Santa Monica and Gametrailers. All of the audio and video was edited by me but does not belong to me.