2010 - Ano Dos Gamers

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This latest project outlines my most anticipated games throughout the next year which promises to deliver from the 360 to the PC. This is my BIG project as I used many (literally over 15 videos) videos to make this possible while other wise the most I used for one project was below 10 (5-7 videos). Also unique to this montage is the fact that games in this video are from a variety of platforms including PC, 360 and PS3. Lastly, I finally came out with an intro for my videos and after this video, all my future videos will have some sort of intro but not necessarily the same. Games in this Video include: Mass Effect 2 Gran Turismo 5 Splinter Cell: Conviction Final Fantasy XIII Mafia II Heavy Rain The Last Guardian Bayonetta God of War 3 M.A.G Halo Reach Alan Wake Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Software used: Sony Vegas 9.0 Adobe After Effects Music Used: X-Ray Dog Final Hour Lastly I do not own any of the game videos or music and do not own their rights. Please enjoy, and comment below.
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