Silent Hill 2 gameplay

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[At first, I was doing a walkthrough of this game, but there's some audio problems, so I decided to abort it] This must be the best survival horror game ever, being even better than the first Resident Evil. There's a lot of flaws, I know, but the story is just great! I won't say anything, but the story behind James and Mary is just great. The ending actually made me cry (lol) and graphics are just amazing, even for these days. The sound is very creepy, so as the noises and the music. It makes you tense all the time. Now the problems: the controls are not so good, if you try to use a joystick, you will need to control James using the analog, and is kinda weird to use it in this type of system, because sometimes you're pressing up and he will run changing his direction all the time, you need to be precise. Thankfully, I got the xpadder to solve this problem. The camera angles are really a mess here, sometimes you can't see anything whyle you're trying to adjust it. But the replay factor make this game really great. Review: Graphics....4 Controls.....2 Sound.........5 Fun factor...5 Replay factor: High ............4/5
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