Final Fantasy VIII - Ultima Weapon

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Note: This is not a challenge fight, it is a display fight. That is why I don't cast Meltdown. Rinoa and Quistis are only in the party because they're the only LV100s I have at this point. Ultima Weapon is the optional boss at the bottom of the Deep Sea Research Center, which is the same place you faught Bahamut at. This is the kind of boss you can't just waltz in and expect to win. But first things first, LOWER THE BATTLE SPEED. It's in the Config options menu. Trust me, if everyone is LV100, Ultima Weapon is LV100. If Ultima Weapon is LV100, he has 255 speed stat (that's what I'm pretty sure I read), which is max stat. That means that no matter what he'll either be as fast as you, or faster. Unless you spent HOURS and HOURS maxing speed stat for your 3 characters (aka not me), then he's faster than you. If you don't turn down the battle speed he has potential to get 2 or 3 turns in before you get one in. You'll see why this is a death wish below. Anyway, Utlima Weapon has big attacks. He has a physical attack, Meteor, Quake, Gravija, and Light Pillar. I think it may have Utlima too, but he didn't use it against me. Light Pillar does 9999 damage no matter what (unless of course you have cheap invincible items). You can Defend it too, but you'd have to predict who it'll hit and time it just right, not worth the effort. So because Utlima Weapon likes to use Light Pillar, that means don't bother casting Protect and Shell. The best strategy if you're just looking to win is cast Aura on Squall and use Renzokuken. Make sure someone is on standby at all times (I know I didn't do that), just in case you get Light Pillared. The reason you want the battle speed low besides what I already stated is Ultima Weapon likes to use Light Pillar. He actually tries to sometimes Light Pillar 3 times in a row, to all 3 party members. If you're too slow, you're going to be staring at a game over screen real fast. So at least lower the battle speed to halfway down. Oh, and if it's not already obvious, make sure ATB is set to Wait too, or else that's practically pointless. Also keep in mind that Ultima Weapon has very high defense. Squall with max str stat was only doing 2000-3000 a hit. I could have used Meltdown, but since it was a display fight... You can draw Eden from Ultima Weapon too. Make sure you do so. You can draw Ultimas from it too if you're confident enough, but keep in mind it drops 100 Ultima Stones, so no need to Draw the max. For the record, most FFVIII vets will advise you not to kill Ultima Weapon. Why? Because there's fixed encounters in Deep Sea Research Center where you can abuse them for normally hard to get items (Curse Spikes, for example, you need 100 of them for at least one thing). So if you MUST fight or kill Ultima Weapon, save in a different slot before hand in case you change your mind. Oh, and yes, he is holding Cloud's Ultima Weapon from FFVII.
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