Arma 2: A.c.e. - A Couple Of Features 6

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A few stuff from the upcoming Arma 2 ACE Mod. Work in Progress. Hungarian localization. Watch in HD. Sorry for the crappy FPS/quality. AH6, MH6 Littlebirds :) Tailrotor: Spinning blades from helicopters are as deadly as they are in reality. Depending on the physical orientation of a tailrotor, it will kill you when you run into it, while boarding a helicopter. This makes proper boarding procedures and boarding safety necessary. SMAW Spotting Rifle: The SMAW system includes a rifle round calibrated to have the same ballistic properties as the main weapon. Use this to get the proper settings for your target before firing the rocket. M4 SOCOM variants and a suppressed Mk 12 SPR. Grenade Throw Modes: Allows you to select between 5 modes of throwing a grenade: Normal throw - default speed and direction. Slow throw - very useful if the enemy is just behind this 1.8 m wall or behind a corner. Normal roll - grenade goes low and parallel to the ground, fast enough to bounce ('roll') 10 or so meters. Slow roll - slow roll. Precise throw - grenade flies directly where you're pointing at (and not ~30 degrees higher as in default amplitude throw). Allows you to throw grenades into windows etc with high precision (after some practice). Double check what mode you're in before throwing. ...and some M134 fun at the end :) (recorded in MP, tpM & Hibrid)
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