Sonic vs Mario

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I saw both Smash Kingdom and its sequel, Smash Kingdom Melee, and at the end of them, there was a Mario Vs Sonic battle. I took the liberty of putting them both together and uploading it. Xcyper33 made the first one and Alvin-Earthworm (the creator of Super Mario Bros. Z) made the second half. When Smash Kingdom Brawl comes out, I'll erase this and upload all three fights at once. Contrary to my first vid of this, this one has sound effects because I figured out how to record audio with Camstudio. Plz comment, rate, subscribe. (I DID NOT MAKE THIS ANIMATION! MARIO AND SONIC BELONG TO THEIR COPYRIGHT OWNERS, NINTENDO AND SEGA!) *EDIT:* Alright, here is the song list that was requested to me. Here they are in order of appearance: This Way DEMO (by Southwest Statistic) Smack My B***h Up (by Prodigy) Boss Battle 1 (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) Final Destination (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) I don't know what the last song is, when Mario and Sonic rush at each other and it says "To Be Continued." *EDIT* Dang. There isn't going to be a Smash Kingdom Brawl, so this fight won't be concluded. For all you Bowser's Kingdom fans, the movie was the last episode. *cries*
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