First-Person Project: Rooftop Brawl - 21,000 Subscriber Milestone Video

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Here it is, my next milestone first person project. This one involves the two same guys from the alley fight (the other guy managed to survive when his throat was cut). The other guy finds the protagonist in his apartment, where he tries to bring an end to him (again), and the fight manages to escalade to the rooftops. The cops found out about the two suspects and were involved in the fight on the rooftops. I rendered this in 60fps, and it came out amazing, performance wise. I think I should do that more often. Anyway, enjoy this short film. :3 ***His hands are taped up from the last fight, in case you thought he had gay gloves on. Since Garry screwed up Gmod with the recent update, I couldn't use NPC Camera to animate the character. All animations were carefully plotted ragdolls. *Except for when he started to run, I've managed to greenscreen a set of running arms without using NPC camera, where I just used a camera while held a running npc in place with the physgun
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