SNES Donkey Kong Country

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When Rare announced at the end of E3 1994 that Donkey Kong Country was in fact for the SNES and not for the Ultra 64, jaws dropped. Using a tecnhique called ACM (Advanced Computer Modelling, rendering models and animating them in high end CGI machines, then turning them into 2D sprites...smart!), DKC was a mark not only in SNES history, but videogame alltogether. We were being delivered in 1994 on a 16 bit system a game that not only looked next gen, it looked like a tecnhological miracle. It not only had amazing graphics, the soundtrack by Robin Beanland, Eveline Fischer, and Dave Wise was one of the most memorable ones on the system. If youre a fan, make sure to get the OPverclocked Remix project, Kong in Concert: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2RrY3Byb2plY3Qub2NyZW1peC5vcmcv[/url] This was with F-Zero one of the starting SNES lineup titles for the European Wii VC. This game also debuted the Donkey Kong model as you know it now, and has since become my favorite Nintendo character. Not much else to say, really. If you missed the game at the time, make sure you do grab it now on the Wii VC, tis were truly amazing days for a video game passionate like me.
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