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Classic Game Room HD reviews THE PUNISHER: NO MERCY for Playstation 3 PS3. This first person shooter has a multiplayer style even in single player mode and sticks with the dark, dismal feeling of the Punisher comic book series. Published by Zen and for play on the PS3, The Punisher No Mercy has fast, frantic gameplay allowing you to play as Frank Castle (the Punisher), Jigsaw, Silver Sable and more. Unlock weapons and abilities, earn Punisher No Mercy PS3 Playstation 3 trophies (the Punisher game has PS3 trophy support). Play multiplayer deathmatch and team games on Playstation network, The Punisher No Mercy can be downloaded from the Playstation Network store for an affordable price. It is a fairly standard game for the most part and should appeal to fans of shooters with health packs and armor power ups (rather than just regenerating). If you like Goldeneye and Time Splitters you may dig this game because of the constant search for health to stay alive. CGRHD reviews PUNISHER NO MERCY for PS3 with gameplay showing Punisher No Mercy in action, a FPS for Playstation 3.
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