Linkin Park - Numb on Mario Paint

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9th Mario Paint video. Milestones: 2/22/09: 100,000 views! 5/17/09: 200,000 views! 4/10/09: 2,000 Favorites. 9/1/08, 12:34 AM: Became my most viewed video! I noticed how many people liked my What I've Done Mario Paint song, so I decided to to another song from Linkin Park, one that hasn't been done yet. This is my fourth favorite Linkin Park song (What I've Done, In Pieces, and No Roads Left take the top three), so I wanted to make it good. Unfortunately, when I first started it, it didn't sound like I wanted it to be, so I shelved it... ...until I found a new soundest from SatoshiLyish. Anyway, after downloading the new soundest, I found out that it was better than before, so I decided to finish it. Flower - Chester/Mike Swan - Brad Heart - Dave 'Shroom & Boat - Rob GameBoy - Joe Mario - Piano(Mike) It's not the best, but it's still unique. Hopefully you enjoy! PS Tiny Arena will be pushed back to my next video. Some technical problems happened while finishing it so I'll need to redo it.
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