Arma 2: A.c.e. - A Couple Of Features 2

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Showing a few effects and new gear from the upcoming Arma 2 ACE 2 Mod. Hun localization. Work in Progress. Sorry for the crappy FPS/quality. Goggles: There are a number of masks and eyewear you can use during gameplay. - Tactical googles To protect you from dust kicked up by weapons fire or engine wash. - Sunglasses (there is also Balaclava and Gas mask, but not in this video) Disposable Weapons: Certain weapon are one-shot items. Onced fired, the launcher is thrown away. Back Blast: Most of the AT weapons available creates a large "back blast" area behind the weapon on fire, which can cause severe burning and overpressure injuries to friendly personnel in the vicinity. Whenever you are preparing to fire an AT shot, ensure that the backblast area of your AT weapon is clear. This typically is a 60° cone extending from the rear of the AT weapon for 30-60 meters behind the weapon. M240 w M145 optics/Muzzleblast effects: Being close to larger caliber or rapid fire weapons can effect your hearing, injure, or even kill you. Sight adjustment (on an M2 HMG): A number of weapon systems in ACE allow you to adjust the sights for range and windage: -Sniper/marksman rifles -AT launchers -Underbarrel grenadelaunchers -Vehicle and tripod mounted MGs and GLs The implementation of sight adjustment is a bit different between these categories to allow for the most fluent and easiest use possible. MP5A4 and UMP .45 Submachineguns. Shotgun Ammunition: Buckshot ammunition is available. Flashbang: Also called stun grenades ? these are a less-than-lethal device used in a wide variety of law enforcement and military operations. Like a grenade, the device is activated by pulling a pin. When thrown, the flash-bang creates a loud sound and bright flash of light to temporarily distract or disorient an adversary. M79 Grenade launcher, Glock 17 and 18, Tac 50 muzzleblast and an RPG-29. (recorded in MP, tpM & Hibrid)
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