Total Overdose gameplay

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This game is like a Michael Bay film: a lot of explosions and fights with a weak plot. But, at least, this is game, so the experience is funnier, you can control the main character, otherwise in a Michael Bay movie the only thing you can control is the volume. This is a GTA-like game, you can shot people and steal cars to drive in a big map (yeah, but not thaaaat big, like San Andreas). The control is just ok, the best thing is the special moves, that makes you feel like Neo in Matrix. The standout is really the soundtrack, with latin rappers like Delinquent Habits. The voice acting is not that bad, I think it's ok... I wasn't expecting more serious voices in this type of game. The graphics are ok, got some good details but nothing special. One big problem is that sometimes cars and people spawn very near to you. And that's it, forget you have a brain and play this thing. Review: Graphics....3 Controls.....3 Sound.........4 Fun factor...4 Replay factor: Medium ..............3,5/5
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