Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis Trailer

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At the core of the expansion pack we created a whole new sandbox style campaign that paints a new and far more intricate portrayal of the world of 2020 based on many of the ominous events from recent real-world headlines. Anyone whos played our game knows that the possibilities to change the underlying storyline for new play experiences are limitless. Theres always something going on in the world, thanks to human nature, that can easily escalate into a conflict. In addition to this expanded game play element, Global Crisis includes many new features: * 20 new scenarios which more than doubles the number of scenarios that originally shipped with the game * Additional new multiplayer scenarios * New campaign/sandbox map along a new storyline leading players towards World War III * New scenario features including scripted and random events * Improved unit control and grouping * Expanded tech tree * New units and unit meshes * Additional game lobby options * Graphical improvements * AI enhancements * More tutorials and in-game tips * User interface improvements
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