Kratos em Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

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Hah, I thought the two matches looked short so I tried to make it more professional. Anyways, Kratos gameplay and Critical Finish. No blood, no magic bar, no minigames, no hidden sex game. But poor Talim. *He does NOT look broken. Some of his swings look like they have HUGE delay. On a plus note, he has some signature moves he uses from his games. *Just Frame moves for Kratos! Blasphemy. *Different voice actor? Sounds off. *New method to Critical Finish. Seems like each character does have a new GB move (with the blue aura around them) that allows them to initiate a Critical Finish ON HIT. Their gauge must still be in blinking red. But... it is suspicious, as you normally don't start with a blinking red gauge.