Arma Ii - F-117a - Cockpit Gauge & Waypoint Test

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Short video detailing the wip cockpit for the F-117A. All gauges return realistic flight information (in relation to the ArmA2 game world). Also testing the airport and waypointing system on the HSI MFD. Red Marker = Major Airport for each map (Utes/Chernarus) Green Marker = User set Waypoint. Gauges include: 01: Beta (Horizontal AOA) 02: AOA 03: MFD HSI (including waypointing and airport waypointing, TimeToTarget and DistanceToTarget and heading) 04: Radar Altitude (up to 1000 meters, bug set to 100 meters) 05: Standby Attitude Indicator 06: Trims Indicators (Elev/Rudder/Aileron) 07: Slip Indicator 08: Fuel/RPM/EGT/FuelFlow Counters 09: Fuel (including Bingo and Low Warning) Indicator 10: Oxygen (1 RT hour supply) 11: G-Force Indicator (including Max-G Attained Needle) 12: Eyebrow Indicators (Warnings for RadarAlt, RCS, Stall, BingoFuel,Chute) 13: MFD Attitude Indicator (including AOA/Speed/VertSpeed/Altitude) 14: Airspeed Indicator 15: Main Attitude Indicator 16: Vertical Speed Indicator 17: Altimeter (Accurate to 9000 meters) 18: Standby HSI Indicator 19: WeaponBay lights illuminate when weapon bay is open 20: Landing Gear (Handle moves with gear position and lights (dull green: stowed, red: gear moving, bright green: gear down) 21: Annunciator Panel (warning lights light as required) 22: Both MFD's run through a "boot" sequence when the engine is fired up. 23: Clock (H/M/S)
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