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A complete new time has begun, a time where several country's compete with eachother about who has the best skills to stunt. This time "Team Russia" will show you just how to handle your bikes properly to perform the most incredible stunts, with their to best bike-riders "Pachenko Naurikov & Niko Bellic". First, a special big thanks to css172; for supporting, helping with ideas and telling me his honest oppinions about how it should look. The movie would never have been done without you mate! and i probaply would have looked like shit if it had been completed without you!!! Big thanks to you from your greatest fan ever; Flazt3x! Don't forget to rate, comment, subscribe and enjoy! :-) Shortcut to "Pachenko Naurikov's" stunts: - Frontflip from parking-house top with explosion 1:04-1:14 - Straight jump through gap in parking house 1:14-1:24 - Jump over car to grind industrial boat's rail 1:24-1:38 - 360 jump from destroyed train-road 1:38-1:45 - Jump from stairs to grind stair-rail 1:45-1:53 - Backflip over stairs, seen from pedestrian 1:53-1:58 - Grinding rail ends in jump with exploding tank-truck 1:58-2:05 - 360 jump from private parking spot directly into parkinghouse 2:05-2:16 - Grinding rail ends in 360 jump 2:16-2:29 - 360 Jump from a bump through crane 2:29-2:39 - Jump from stairs over fence to grind rail 2:39-2:50 - 2x Backflip jump from rail-hit 2:50-2:58 - 2x Backflip jump bump hit inside parking house over exploding traffic 2:58-3:07 - Jump from bump to grind rail 3:07-3:19 - 360 Jump from bump hit over rail-road 3:19-3:25 - 90 Degrees jump to rail grind to jump over bus hitting rail turning 180' 3:25-3:36 - Stair jump to half backflip, driving upside down to complete backflip 3:36-3:42 - 360 Jump from small hill over exploding truck with SUV on 3:42-3:48 - 90 Degrees jump from bump hit to rail grind 3:48-3:57 - 720 Degrees stair jump 3:57-4:08 - Jump from bump hit to industrial rail grind to 360 spin 4:08-4:18 - Jump over car to rail grind 4:18-4:25 - 2x Backflip jump over exploding traffic 4:25-4:39 - Rail grind 4:39-4:51 - Backflip jump from work-place under billboard 4:51-5:01 .::^NOW NIKO BELLIC COMES IN THE PICTURE^::. Shortcut to "Niko Bellic's" stunt: - 2x Backflip jump from bump hit 5:01-5:09 - 2x Frontflip jump through bridge from bump hit on road 5:09-5:20 - Highway rail grind 5:20-5:33 - 360 Jump over gas-station close to signs 5:33-5:46 - Wall-ride to backflip to 180 turn 5:46-5:55 - Rail driving to 90 degrees bump hit to 270 turn 5:55-6:02 - Backflip jump close to storage and over road-sign 6:02-6:11 - 2x Backflip jump from bump hit lands next to car 6:11-6:21 - 2x Backflip jump from bump hit 6:21-6:27 - 360 jump to half backflip, hit billboard, complete backflip, nailing camera man 6:27-6:38 - ^^ NOW COMES SOME SHORT CLIPS OF THE NEXT STUNTS ^^ 6:38-7:19 - Highway rail grind 7:19-7:29 - Stair jump through to small emergency exits 7:29-7:40 - Backflip amazingly close to traffic-light, to 360 spin right under road-sign 7:40-7:51 - Backflip stair jump to 360 spin over road 7:51-7:58 - Jump from car to rail grind 7:58-8:08 - Backflip jump from small hill, hits pipe to another backflip 8:08-8:13 - Wallride with tailwhip 8:13-8:22 - Rail grinding in a circle 8:22-8:34 - Jump from police chopper landing spot to stair-rail grind 8:34-8:42 - Jump to grind, hits bump on rail, turns 180, grinds further (DOUBLE GRIND) 8:42-8:55 - Backflip 180 from bump hit over multiple nations flags 8:55-9:05 - Jump to rail grind to jump, to rail grind, to 180 turn in air to more rail grind (TRIPLE GRIND) 9:05-9:20 - Highway rail grind over water-barrels to another rail grind (DOUBLE GRIND) 9:20-9:30 - Highway rail grind to bump hit to 360 jump landing close to cars 9:30-9:42 - Backflip jump from bump hit into a building through a tiny gap, to 360 spin to end 9:42-9:53 .::^ Here comes the credits ^::. Categoria: Jogos
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