Half-Retarded 2

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Read this before watching. (SONG LIST HERE) This is a little parody I made starring Gordon Freeman and the citizens of City 17 that has short, funny skits that may offer laughs or not. Don't be a dick and say something like "OMG THIS VIDEO IS HALF RETARDED LOLOLOLOL" or your comment will be deleted. Thank you and have a nice day. Song list (in order) "Quarter" by Fuel "Singing in the Rain" by Mint Royale Wanted: Weapons of Fate Soundtrack "Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most" by Dance Gavin Dance Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy Soundtrack "Gangsta Bitch" by Apache Mafia Soundtrack "Chateau" by Rob Dougan Also, a big thanks to my friend, Kori. Who helped with a tiny little scene. Thanks, man! R.I.P. Billy Mays. Your infomercials will keep you alive forever.