Devil May Cry 3: Vergil gameplay

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(Vergil gameplay) One of the hardests games I ever played, I'm not kidding. The first thing that I thinked when I played this game was in the old NES games, because I never beated any of them. Well, I'm still playing this game, on normal mode, but for rookies I recommend the easy mode, because trust me, this game is hard as hell! Now, to the game: the graphics are really cool, it has gothic-style enviroments, the moves are pretty cool and the characters are very detailed. The soundtrack is the standout, and it helps you to get even more nervous! The voice acting is cool too. The control is easy to learn, but it have a serious problem, because you can only block the enemies attack using the royal guard style, and this sucks! Sometimes you are executing a good combo and then an enemy comes behind you and hit you, and you don't have another option, only roll or jump (or dodging using the trickster style, but then we still having the same problem). If the game was like Onimusha in this point, the gameplay would be better. The game is funny, the only negative things is the difficulty and the searching-for-items-to-solve-puzzles thing. Review: Graphics....5 Controls.....3 Sound.........5 Fun factor...4 ............4,3/5
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