Chaos Legion gameplay

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This Devil May Cry wannabe is full of potential, but is not a good game. It's a Capcom game, so I was expecting something better.... the gameplay is confuse, there's no block button, lock-on option and no dodge command, sometimes the only way to evade an enemy attack is jumping, but is just 40% effective. Because of this, the game keeps getting hard along as you play. You can summon different types of warriors to help you (called Legions), each one using a specific way: one legion uses swords, other uses arrows, other is just for defense, etc. The main character graphics is really good, but the enemies and the enviroments are really uninspired. The best thing on the game is the soundtrack, and the beautiful instrumental in the video is one of the bests I ever heard. Review: Graphics....3 Controls.....2 Sound.........5 Fun factor...2 Replay factor: Low ............3/5
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