Crysis Warhead rodando a 240 frames por segundo

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Crysis Warhead recorded at 240fps with some epic slow motion shots during explosions or headshots. The song is I don't care by Apocalyptica; from their newest album Worlds Collide. Direct download: [url=hide:aHR0cDovL2ZpbGVzLmZpbGVmcm9udC5jb20vQ3J5c2lzV2FyaGVhZCtWNjcyMFAxMGVta3YvOzEzOTMxMDM0Oy9maWxlaW5mby5odG1s]HQ (mkv x264, you need codecs!)[/url] [url=hide:aHR0cDovL2ZpbGVzLmZpbGVmcm9udC5jb20vQ3J5c2lzV2FyaGVhZCtWNjcyMFA1MGV3bXYvOzEzOTMxMDM2Oy9maWxlaW5mby5odG1s]LQ (wmv, anyone can play)[/url]