Penumbra Collection - Trailer #1

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The horror is complete! As the release of the eagerly anticipated Penumbra Collection in February 2009 draws ever nearer, Paradox Interactive has released a brand new trailer for the concluding expansion in the collection, Requiem. Released in August 2008 and developed by the talented creators of Penumbra, Frictional Games, Requiem was a download only expansion to the series and tied up loose ends from the previous two instalments as our protagonist, Philip, falls deeper into madness as he tries to discover the origins behind his fathers mysterious letter. Commenting on the conclusion of the Penumbra series, Lead Programmer and Co-Founder of Frictional Games Thomas Grip said, Requiem is the epilogue for the Penumbra series that follows Philips continuing descent in to insanity. The puzzle-orientated expansion ties together all the loose ends that the other games left unresolved. What really made Requiem unique was our experimental ambitions where we put a lot of effort in to advancing physics based puzzles and trying to create an intriguing and surreal experience. IGNs review reflected what Frictional Games were trying to achieve with Requiem when they described the game as A welcome change of pace for an adventure game on the way to scoring it 7.5/10.
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