Grand Theft Auto IV 4 Maximum Details 4870x2 Core i7 920 gameplay HD

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Was bored :D, forgot to turn on fraps :( ok dont ask me how i did 1400mb/1000...Its easy tho lol, Usualy i get 64 avarage fps :p, nothing is at stock, everething is oc'd. 21.5k 3dmark06 score. This is not a skill video of how pro i am :D, playing with 1 hand is hard you now ) I dont know the music names, they where random on my windows media player L HD Have fun watching this shit. Gta Grand Theft Auto IV max maximum graphics settings Details san andreas Nico Belic Extreme Core i7 overclock edition 4870x2 2000 ddr5 ddr3 corsair psu overclocket 1366 lga gameplay extreme
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