L4D Cs_Assault : AI Director in Action

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Subscribe, more L4D videos coming soon! I played L4D on the map cs_assault and the AI director spawned started spawning zombies without any scripts on the map. I had a 30 min run and edited out anything not entertaining. Weapons and health were spawned by me. Short tutorial on how to get cs_assault in L4D: 1) Get the latest NET Framework. 2) Get GCFScape. 3) Extract materials, models and maps from counter strike shared.gfc which is in steam/steamapps to your L4D demo folder in steamapps/common/left 4 dead demo/left4dead. 4) Do the same with source models.gfc and source materials.gfc. 5) Run L4D, Enable Developer Console in Options. Type changelevel cs_assault in console after you have started a new singleplayer game. 6)Enjoy playing on Cs_Assault!