Gta Iv Pc In-game Video Editor: "super Niko"

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These videos were created using the in-game Video Editor! The all new Video Editor feature allows you to capture in-game footage, make real time edits and render those clips out as WMV movie files. The clips can also be spliced together into a video complete with post effects like music, text and transitions, and other features typically found in video editing suites. You can then share your video(s) with others to view and rate in Rockstar Games Social Club TV. The Video Editor is a full featured tool. For more details visit: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5yb2Nrc3RhcmdhbWVzLmNvbS9pdi9wYy92aWRlb2VkaXRvcg==[/url]
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