Como obter o Hadouken no megaman X

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When looking for precise instructions for obtaining the secret Street Fighter Hadouken attack in Mega Man X, it is often very hard to get a good, solid definition because of all the inaccuracies and myths out there. So, here it is, as specific as I can get: The Hadouken is obtained through a secret Dr. Light capsule that appears in Armored Armadillo's stage on top of the ledge above the entrance to his lair. To make it appear, you need to fulfill two separate requirements. You need to grab the energy capsule on the ledge 4 times, and you need to have all 4 Dr. Light upgrades, all 8 heart tanks, and all sub tanks. Note that these requirements are completely separate. Once you have both of them met, a Dr. Light capsule will appear on the ledge next time you go there. You can grab the energy capsule 4 times on your first visit to Armored Armadillo's stage and then come back later when you've gotten all the tanks and Dr. Light upgrades. Dr. Light's capsule will appear the next time you go to the ledge, not immediately after you've grabbed the energy capsule. You DO NOT need to have full health when you grab the energy capsules, and you DO NOT need to have full sub tank energy. You DO NOT need to jump back into the pit and kill yourself, but it is generally faster that way. If you need more lives, the strange looking bat (which is a cameo appearance from the classic Mega Man games) at the beginning of the stage has a very high rate for dropping lives. Note that the Hadouken cannot be saved in a password, so every time you play you must obtain it again. The Hadouken is performed just like it is in Street Fighter: Press down, down/forward, then forward+shot button. Note that you have to have full health to use it though.
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