Sasuke Ougi vs Uzumaki Naruto

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Yes, really is! HD lol, most of the vid's i've seen were terrible quality, so i just thought i would upload it in HD :D Thanks to Miraged for the find ;) Btw, tryied to remake it by replacing the english voices with japanese when there were ougi's :D Tags: Naruto broken bond Xbox 360 Naruto Clash Of Ninja Revolution Naruto Shippuden, shippuden accel, DBZ, Anime, gameplay, DragonBall Z Infinite World, SASUKE OUGI DragonBall Z Infinite World #62 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Gaming - France #51 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Gaming - France Yay, my first vid to get honors XD OMFG OVER 35.000 VIEWS?!!
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