Jaro 3 - Pro Counter Strike Source Movie -

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Well I am very excited to review this movie. To start off, I enjoyed the whole entire Jaro series and I feel that k1u is a very good producer with a lot to bring to the table. Starting off, the introduction was put together very nicely and it actually set the mood for the rest of the film unlike other movies out there. Leading into the frag sequences, they were put together flawlessly. The song selection was very unique and unlike any that I've heard. The the frags themselves were utterly without a doubt one of a kind. The way that k1u synced up the frags was truly amazing. Throughout the entire movie, the editing was the part that really caught my eye. There were so many effects that I've seen in previous movies, but never in my life have I seen them used in such a fashion which added a great deal to the viewing pleasure. Overall this is one of the best movies to date and I congratulate k1u on making yet again, another successful movie. Two BIG thumbs up from me - Video SoundTrack - 00:05 Hurt - Johnny Cash 01:18 Tick Tick Boom - The Hives 02:21 The Power - H-Blockx 03:35 My Dsmbr - Linkin Park 06:15 Breathe - MeSia