FarCry 2 roller coaster with Agoat

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I built a roller coaster in the map editor and this is what happened when Agoat wanted me to show it to him. It isn't completed yet and I'll do something nice with the environment too when the track is done. There's a smooth run of the track at its current state here if you're interested: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3MxOC5waG90b2J1Y2tldC5jb20vYWxidW1zL2IxMDEvTWFydHpubzgvP2FjdGlvbj12aWV3JmN1cnJlbnQ9RmFyQ3J5MlJvbGxlcmNvYXN0ZXJFYXJseS5mbHY=[/url] Also lots of short videos coming out quickly because my recording setup allows me to go back over an hour in footage and record whatever happened back then with fraps, even while I'm still playing, so I never miss a thing (well I do because my memory sucks (human memory)) I've had this for a few weeks but I've realized that if I record clips to save for later, I never do snything with them so I figured it's better to upload them right away instead of letting them rot. But I will still do some properly edited videos, for instance I have a Halo 3 compilation brewing.
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