Half-Life 2 Garry's Mod - Numa Numa

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WOOTOMGWTFBBQ!!11!! Here I am again... xD. It was a normal day, I was listening to a song called Numa Numa, when suddenly it came to my mind: "Wait, why I don't start making a GMod video based in the Numa Numa song?" and after some days it's finally done! Massive ragdoll posing rulez!! Some parts of the lyrics are mistranslated...why you ask? Because it's supposed to be like that to fit with the theme. I hope you enjoy it, because that was my purpose after all ;) and don't forget to rate and comment ^^ I'm really sorry for the bad view at 1:03 and 1:09, let me explain: - 1:03 - as you can see, it's really dark, that happened thanks to the quality of Youtube, but everyone that actually played Half-Life 2 can see that it shows the moment that Lamarr runs away from Kleiner, go figure! - 1:09 - the quality of Youtube really messed with that part, what really shows there is Gordon Freeman and his crowbar (that is at his face xD thanks to Barney's really nice throwing skills). Thanks for watching!!