FIFA 09 no portatil da Sony (gamePlay)

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I know there are a lot of videos out there but i still posted this so you people can get a good view of what fifa09 for the psp is like. So yeah Fifa 09 for the psp is a huge leap forward from the gameplay of fifa08. The game play is more engaging and thrilling. Also fifa 09 inculdes a be a pro mode and that is also very good. This match is manchester United vs Chelsea. There are some funny goals like Petr Chech Being sent out for a tckle on rooney and ronalso scoring a penalty here. Also there is an own goal too. I recorded the video using Remotejoy And an audio jack. The game play is fantastic on the psp itself but it may seem a little laggy. That's just bcoz of remotejoy but everything else is neat..... Pls rate and subscribe! Join our forums: www.xtreme-planet.net
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