Dead Space Final Boss

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How to kill The Hive Mind and the very end. The end is just unbelievable, and it made my poop my pants. EnJoY!And Subscribe! EDIT: Since there is a lot of discussion on what MAY happen in Dead Space 2, let me point out that there is the original Marker on Earth. I'm not super sure if that part is in the video but it is in the ending, as Kendra (Betrayer Bitch) says so. And do you really think that some little bitch of a necromorph could kill Issac? I don't think so.... Also some one commented on this video with this really cool finding: Nicole has been dead before Issac arrive on the ship. Put the first letter of each mission together. Mission 1: New Arrivals Mission 2: Intensive Care Mission 3: Course Correction Mission 4: Obliteration Imminent Mission 5: Lethal Devotion Mission 6: Environmental Hazard Mission 7: Into the Void Mission 8: Search and Rescue Mission 9: Dead on Arrival Mission 10: End of Days Mission 11: Alternate Solutions Mission 12: Dead Space