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This series of videos were made to show that the arcade game "Splatterhouse" (copyright 1988 Namco/Namcot) can be completed using one single, solitary credit. It is also a guide of sorts for those having trouble with the said game. This answers the question: "Is the US arcade any different from the JAP arcade?" Evidently, no. The only noticable difference is that the JAP version carries with it a disclaimer as the machine boots up. Nothing is censored, unlike the Turbogfx-16 or LCD handheld ports are. The FM Towns Marty version was by far the best console conversion, according to reviewers. ---STAGE1--- Rick Taylor and Jennifer Wills, researching the parapsychologist, Dr. West, enter West mansion as they seek shelter from the rain. Rick is supposedly killed, Jennifer abducted by mysterious creatures. Rick awakens, bearing an ancient sacrificial mask, the Terror/Hell mask. Familiar with the mask, Rick succumbs to its powers and searches for his abducted partner. The playthrough is my own, recorded with HyperCam 2, Edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector, alongside Windows Movie Maker.
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