Team Fortress 2 - Ode to the Sandvich Song

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Team Fortress 2 - Ode to the Sandvich Song http://www.fileplanet.com/190834/190000/fileinfo/Team-Fortress-2---Ode-to-the-Sandvich-Song I'm your Sandvich Savin heavy's lives if they take too much damage Scout eatin' me but I'm gonna make him fat Would you like french fries with that? Shove me in your face, we're talking cram'age I'm your Sandvich But you can call me ham and cheese The only way you'll eat me is if you're goin' heavy You're like, "Come on Sandvich, just a bite please? I'm starvin' over here, down on my knees!" Pumpernickel, rye, any bread you please Toasted, dry, or with a mustard squeeze Provalone or swiss, I'm filled with cheese You wish you had another one just like me I'm your SANDVICH! I'm your Sandvich Maybe you think I'm not much of an advantage Fat, commie bastard chewin' mouth open What were the dudes at Valve smokin' Forums fillin' up with rant'age Stop cryin' bout me when I give you health They're saving the chainsaw for somebody else At least I'm delicious Everyone's got wishes Even a Sandvich like myself. If you lift my lid Here is what you'll see I've hid A little mayonaise, spreadLettuce, tomato Piled high with meat kid Man, don't forget the cheese with an olive and a toothpick for your teeth I'm your SANDVICH! I'm your Sandvich Soviet built, you could call me a Manvich People's party party peoples' bread Comrades, I prefer it on Team Red Capitalist pigs should be banished I'm your Sandvich You think that I am useless? Yeah - I heard you said it. You miss your puny shotgun? Man, don't you get it? Someone's getting really sick of healing your ass He's called a Medic. So you've lost a lot of blood, then eat me bitch! Shovel me down like you was diggin' a ditch Ham & cheese, ruben, submarine too Any way you slice it, I'm good for you! AND I'M THE SANDVICH.