(New) Project Offset Video Collection

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This is a video i threw together of a game coming out set inside an epic fantasy universe. When I say epic, I mean epic. This game is coming out on the PC and in talks with the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 picking up this title. From watching the demos, it's hard to imagine why both wouldn't pick this up. I previouslly done a video similiar to one like this. It was really my first video I ever editted. A late-night of boredem and lots of Pepsi later, and here is the video. I hope you guys enjoy it and please check out www.projectoffset.com for more info on this game. At Projectoffset.com you can read developer blogs and keep up to date on how this game is coming a long. Hopefully I'll piece together a part 2 someday when more updates come out!
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