HL2 - headcrab vs Zombie vs Antlion guard vs strider

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I think most of us knows who wins ..... People keep asking the same few questions over and over again so i shall answer them here: Q: What game is this? A: This is GMod 9. It is outdated as GMod 10 is out which is a huge improvement over 9. Q: Where do you get those hands/gloves? A: It was a small addon i downloaded for GMod 9 which i doubt is available anymore. Q: How did you spawn the strider? A: I really don't know, this was made in 2006 on an outdated mod... I think there is an addon for GMod 10 though Q: Where can i get GMod? A: Well, im lazy, so heres a link to the GMod Website http://www.garrysmod.com/