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The old link seems to have gone, so here's a new one: http://home.comcast.net/~wlm00/files.htm http://www.forsakenplanet.tk/ The first level of the game Forsaken. I'm kind of new to it and didn't play too well but got bored of playing it in low resolution. Towards the end of the first level, in the caves where the spacecraft fire at you, there is a hidden cave containing a crystal--fire at the cave wall several times, where about should look obvious if you look closely. I wasn't intent on looking for it in the video. Forsaken was released by Acclaim in 1998. It seems to have been released open source and free at some stage. It's an amazing game, highly recommended. I also suggest you invest in the Alien 3 soundtrack, which really fits this game like a glove. The best moments occur outside this video, it's just an entrancing experience! :) http://www.thenantucketbasket.com/FP/sub_index.htm