Area 51: The Last Stand (PC, game, mission)

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This is a second video of Area 51 from me. Because the first one sucked so much.. I hope you see, that the video is total waste of time. Sorry for no-sound. Somehow my fraps didn't get it on tape, but sound was very realistic, thanks to my 'Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer' - no! for real! The sound was sick. I mean, it was the most scary game ever! Sorry for the fast forward and also cutscenes from start and from the end are missing, because i had to fit it in 10min. Sorry for bad graphics, i did make sure the graphics are good, but uploading a 600mb to youtube, is like playing russian-roulette with semiautomatic pistol! The minus in this game, is the problem of activating some stuff or grabbing them (with F button). It just doesn't do it, when you have a bad angle or something.. Still i recommend this game, because its very stimulating and you wont get so much bored, because of the scary gameplay...
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