Area 51 (pc, Game)

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First of all, sorry for the slow gameplay, this was the very first shooting "mission" and at 2am it was bloody scary for me.. For short review i would say, that it was fun to shoot, but the storyline and level system is poor. Graphics are solid, kind of and music gets your heart pumping, just the spots you need it. But, basically you will get scared a lot, so don't play it at night, you will have bit troubles to going sleep later. Love the voice overs by David Duchovny!! So i don't know, its a weird game, because the levels are boring, but you wont get bored, because you are scared all the time.. Also the "monsters" are stupid, as you could see that in first 20sec and teammates say that the area is clear, then booooom a "monster" jumps out from next corner.. Brrr... Oh and when the pistol has right-click-aim, then the bigger gun, what actually has a scope, doesn't. - So it will just tighten up the crosshair.. Lame.. But i think if you have a low PC performance, then this game should fit for your needs.. EDIT: Game is free to download for a time now. I have been just too lazy to give the link. Anyways: http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/area51/full-game/26957.html
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