Shattered Steel ingame video

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First: Please, check my other Shattered Steel video, this one is my first ever, and as said further down the text - the editing is just horrible. This is a few minutes of ingame footage from the (sadly almost forgotten) 1996 Bioware/Interplay Mech war game "Shattered Steel". As far as I know it was the first 3D game to have fully destroyable (is that a word?) terrain (and to this day I think it is the only Mech game to have it, as far as I know none of the MechWarrior games has such things). I wasn't able to make a video of the actual deformation of the terrain, but you'll see a few craters from the tactical nukes in the video. The video was captured using DosBox 0.70, which my computer is a bit too weak for, so I apologize for the low fps and all the stuttering. My computer was also a bit to slow for using Windows Movie Maker correctly, so I set it to automake this clip - and sadly - it shows in a few places, where WMM for some reason placed strange fades (and also cutting out the best part of the battle). I promise I'll try to make something better as soon as I have better hardware, but at least this should give you an impression of what the game looks and plays like. The music is from the game soundtrack (and it was actually played when I recorded, but it wasn't saved in the recordings, so I added the track later in WMM).