Gta Iv: Skydiver

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xAMSCRAYx Presents Grand Theft Auto 4 "Skydiver" Tutorial In this video you will learn how to Skydive, please comment, rate and subscribe to our videos. Editing and Filming xAMSCRAYx cP My Previous Account has been deleted due to my Cheat Codes Video,SUBSCRIBERS would be very helpful and appreciated *CONTACT INFORMATION* GT : xAMSCRAYx cP [email protected] AIM: AM5CRAY *Copyright Infomation* All video are made and originated by xAMSCRAYx. Do not post our videos with out the originators consent. Copy write to: www.rockstargames.com www.take2games.com www.2kgames.com www.globalstarsoftware.com More Tags: Grand theft auto IV 4 glitch liberty city out of map xbox360 x-360 X360 GTA san andreas PS 2 bug bugs glitch glitches glitche awesome sweet video GTA 3 GTA Vice City Stories PSP Wii mario paper super mario 64 nintendo liberty city stories glitch turorial tut sephXclad seph 83 clad gears of war gow gow2 gears of war 2 fable fable2 fable 2 simspons eternal revolution ER first show you out of map in GTA 4 seph halo halo2 halo 2 halo3 halo 3 just cause 2
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