GTA 4 Transmissions 2

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This video is a sequel to the first. it features an intro of Saints Row trailer. But then That shit stops cause Eazy-E or Rydah stops that shit, and tells Dre or CJ to drop a beat. Then the official Transmissions intro comes up for the video. Playing GTA - By: Da Shootaz. If you notice, the intro background is white this time. The intros over, and then from there random music video clips play. Until the videos over. I hope you like this style of video. Its similar to that of Halo Music Video Hell. But its by own style and variation of the same concept. So I think they both wickedly kick it. Enjoy the video, and let me know what you think of it. Thanks to the teamwork of, WC MindWorks: He helped with major parts of this video, he also helped with much of the first video, but i didn't credit him enough.(whitechocolate) Thank you Merduh the Inncocynce for his selection of music ideas. Scarface for much of the ending scenes. Twiztid Lewn for that one scene, "If I Was God". And thank you SixClip for a few of those final photos for the credits. This video was made in about 3 weeks. From when I decided to make a sequel to the first to when we finished. All and all, I personaly like the first one way more. But this video does have its perks where Its almost better in a way than the first. Either way, Watch them and enjoy them. Tracklist, Biggie Smalls- Going Back to Cali Chino XL - Wordsmith Cory Hart - Sunglasses at Night D12 - Purple Pills Da Shootaz - Grand Theft Auto David Banner - Saints Row Drowning Pool - Bodies Eazy E - Eazy Duz It Dio - Holy Diver Dirtball - Batter Swing Eminem & D12 - One Shot Two Shot Fela Kuti - Zombie ICP - Bring it On ICP - Dog Beats ICP - Growing Again ICP - Hell's Pit Intro ICP - How Many Times ICP - Mental Warp ICP - My Axe ICP - Night of the Axe ICP - The People ICP - Walk into the Darkness ICP & Twiztid - Further Away Kanye West - Flashing Lights Ludacris & DTP - Break Sumthin Ludacris - Move Bitch Mac Dre - Feelin Myself Martina McBride - Concrete Angel Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now Mistah FAB - Red Light Green Light Rose Royce - Carwash Simpsons - Main Theme T.I. - Rubberband Man Violent J - If I was God Violent J - Seminar 2002 Zug Izland & ICP - Fly INSANE CLOWN POSSE And be sure to check out Mushroom Land the music video. =) Thank you all, much luv -AndrewDz Video
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