Fantastico Music video (Confira)

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I tried so hard to find a song that would PERFECTLY fit with the game, but I failed. So, instead of giving you amazing fitting lyrics, I give you a great editted GMV. :O I think it's good, at least (my best work so far) I'm very proud of it. Plus, I found a way to fit the lyrics in, yey! You're free to think whatever you want about the GMV, but here is what I was thinking while doing it: Snake is exhausted. I'm not talking about his old physical age (even though he's only 42), but about his mind. He's tired of experiencing everything again and again. He wants to rest, but he's not going to abandon an unfinished mission. He can't give up, simply because his mission never ends. Not the last mission, not Shadow Moses, not Sons of Liberty. His life itself is the hardest mission ever for him, and this one, he can't leave unfinished. He's going to accomplish his goal, no matter what it takes to do so, no matter what it is. It shows Snake from a third person view and the world around him (the war, Liquid, Campbell, Vamp), including his friends and partners (Meryl, Otacon, Raiden...). It also shows someone or something wanting Snake to finish his misson because that would be the end for him. Maybe this something would be the Death, or Destiny. Maybe God, but to put into words, it most probably is Snake's own mind. It's some unexplainable superior force (LOL, it's Kojima!). Something you don't believe in, something that doesn't actually exist. Nevertheless, something Snake knows that is hanging on his back and he's laughing in the face of it, because he SO ain't going to loose to something that's only in his mind! ;D~ Hehe, you go, Snake! Now, this took a while for me to finish it, but I really like this GMV. That said, I hope you all enjoy it too. :D~ PS: Once again I apologize, this time, for the shitty quality. The trailers I've downloaded were horrible, but I've already downloaded HQ ones, so the next ones will be better, I promise! Video GMV produced by Clover27. Song: Breath Artist: Breaking Benjamin Video: Metal Gear Solid 4 Footage from: GT.com All these cutscenes and its characters belong to Hideo Kojima (our hero!!!).