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In the year 2003, three years after the events of The House of the Dead 2, AMS agents James Taylor and newcomer Kate Green are gathering intelligence at the fifth basement floor of the AMS European branch office. The former of the two still has the events of the 2000 Goldman case on his mind, and believes that the ordeal had not yet ended. A sudden earthquake rocks the room while they talk, collapsing the basement walls and leaving the agents trapped. Several days later, James and Kate await a rescue team. James' PDA goes off, and a group of undead are seen on the security cameras. Realizing that they are in danger, James has Kate gather all the weaponry they can find in preparation for the arrival of their foes. UPDATE: SEGA has announced that The House of the Dead III and 4 for the Playstation Network with PS Move compatible. Also, I am proud to announce a new and improved fan site that was hacked awhile back. With the help of SegaBits, I bring you The Website of the Dead. It's still in wip, but I promise that I'll make a new forum and show you never before seen content that is all House of the Dead. www.thewebsiteofthedead.com your source all things House of the Dead including the awful movies lol.
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