Meu pc rodando cod4 e dmc4

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specs: Pentium 4 2.0ghz 512kb L2 cache socket 478 - FSB 400Mhz 384mb rambus rimm 400mhz (2X 128mb + 2X 64mb) Geforce 6200LP 256mb DDr2 overclocked 64bits 350/266 @ 450/850 (core/memory) AGP 4X Windows XP SP3 Games settings: Devil May Cry 4 res 800X600 Texture - LOW Vsync - OFF Shadow Quality - HIGH Quality - HIGH Call of Duty 4 res 800X600 AA - OFF sync every frame - NO shadows - NO specular map - YES depth of field - YES glow - YES number of dynamic lights - OFF soften smoke edges - NO ragdoll - YES bullet impacts - YES model detail - NORMAL water detail - NORMAL number of corpses - INSANE texture filtering - BILINEAR texture quality: texture resolution - HIGH normal map resolution - LOW specular map resolution - LOW New specs: Geforce 9600Gso 384mb Core 2 Duo E4600 2X 1Gb ddr2 800mhz OCZ Gold edition Hd 250Gb sata2 Motherboard ECS NF650i SLIT-A Cooler Master 500w Windows Vista ultimate 64bits Coming soon - Crysis VeryHigh
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