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After all the years; Iam still playing as ViXXeN.NL : Same name - Same game. (DFX to) - Delta Force 2 -Trailer Delta Force 2 is a first-person shooter-style video game. It is a member of the Delta Force series of ... alle » games produced by Novalogic, and a sequel to Delta Force. The game is in many ways more realistic than contemporary (and even most current) first-person shooters. Very often, one shot is fatal (occasionally the player will survive with no ill effect). The single player game is let down by predictable and unchallenging AI but otherwise gives a similar play experience to many other FPS games. In Multiplayer the combination of functionally unlimited maps and accurate ballistics make for unique, well balanced, skill based (not reaction based) combat with levels of tactical play and psychology unparalelled even in recent games (which tend to be optimised for immediate and constant action, not slower tactical play). Eg.: A sniper could lob rounds at a soldier from more than 2km away, if he was good enough to compensate for wind and round drop at that range, but doing so would reveal his/her position allowing the enemy to engage him/her. Cheaters tend to make use of the 'father2u' program which gives the cheating player a huge advantage over an unsuspecting player. The program allows cheaters to warp at will from one spot to another and elevate their position. It also gives them an automatic .50 calibre machine and an automatic grenade launcher. Invariably, the program will also change the cheating player's name to 'blackhawk'. One of the easiest ways of defeating the cheater is to go into a room that insists on the use of a cheat blocking software program that prevents the use of this cheat. It is worth noting that the open Novalogic rooms do not employ this and subsequently it is normal to see people dying en masse at the hands of automatic grenade fire or being knifed to death by players that warp behind snipers. The only weapon with any recoil in the game is the M82A1 .50 calibre, allowing players to 'snipe' at a medium range even with a heavy machinegun (which in real life would be horribly inaccurate).
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