Colosseum (Gladiator) Road to Freedom Ps2 Gameplay

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http://www.chilloutgames.co.uk/ 100% Gameplay 0% gossip http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chillout-Games/155195271229714?sk=wall Hamster (golden helmet) is thrust into the arena fighting to retain his loin-cloth. Victory is hard work in this team battle against a General in Colosseum Road to Freedom (Koei, Playstation 2). There's lots of hard work in this game outside of the arena battles; training, interacting with game characters and earning career points to buy weapons and upgrades gives it an rpg bias rather than a simple hack and slash. Oy you - yes the one reading this bit. Bet you didn't know we give an instant price on all your PS2 games/consoles/accessories here: http://www.chilloutgames.co.uk/Selling/Sell_PS2.aspx No thanks - I would rather buy one please. OK sir, here you go: http://www.chilloutgames.co.uk/PS2/Colosseum_Road_to_Freedom_Sony_Playstation_2.aspx How's about offloading your old vid games to us here: http://www.chilloutgames.co.uk/SellGames.aspx
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